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Alternative Banking Solutions

  • 1.  Alternative Banking Solutions

    Posted 04-06-2016 19:20

    To All:

    I have a client that has personal credit challenges that are being resolved as I post this question, but will take another year to complete.  The client also federal tax liens that are part of the personal credit saga due to several years of a prior controller income reporting errors.  I have exhausted all my sources of traditional banking solutions as well as some that are as close to factoring as you can get without factoring.  My client only needs a $50k to $100k working capital line of credit and I am out of options.  My next call is to El Chapo, but I don't think his cell phone works in prison...Does anyone have any ideas / solutions (however costly they may be) that I can suggest for my client to investigate?  Many thanks to all who read this post. 

    Scott Salandi
    Director of Surety
    Patriot Risk & Insurance Services
    Irvine CA
    (949) 486-7917

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    Posted 04-07-2016 08:24

    In case my earlier email to you bounces and El Chapo is still otherwise indisposed, try Earl Harper at RMP Capital- he's out of Austin, TX.

    Earl Harper

    Senior VP, RMP Capital Corp.


    cell- 512-658-4526

    Joe Stergios
    Business Development Manager
    Enterprise Fleet Management
    St. Louis MO
    (314) 274-4041

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    Posted 04-08-2016 15:13


    You can try the following lender. One of my clients in similar situation, has had luck with this lender, High interest rate and weekly payments, but they go the cash for about 9 months.

     Express Capital Funding, Inc.

    130 S. Chapparral Court, Suite 245

    Anaheim, CA 9280


    Fariba Mehdian CPA, CFF, CCIFP, CGMA
    Gelman LLP
    Santa Ana CA
    (714) 667-2600