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Interstate Projects and Field Employees

  • 1.  Interstate Projects and Field Employees

    Posted 02-05-2015 20:15
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    I was wondering how other firms deal with the issue of interstate travel and withholding of employees.  We have projects across the country that range from 6 weeks to 6 months in duration.  Recently, we mobilized a team from across the country on a municipal project in Idaho and subsequently were audited by the state which resulted in us having to pay unemployment for these employees in that state as well as withholding taxes for the duration of that project.  This recent incident caused concerns with our employees who now have to file multi state returns, and are concerned about their unemployment eligibility in the event they are laid off since we paid unemployment to Idaho rather than their home state as they worked on this project. 

    Curious how other firms deal with this.  Do you track employee's interstate travel and withhold taxes for those states when the duration exceeds a certain threshold?  Or, do you hire local employees for each project?   

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